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What colour of hoodie?!?

Yeah.. fluorescent baby pink.. and yes! It turns out that that colour does actually exist! Who knew?!

What can I say about our new merchandise? I absolutely adore it. I wanted something to surprise not only the kids, but also the teachers. Of course I told Mo, who doesnt tell their mum everything?!

So I sat and drew, went to paint shops (handy when you are also doing DIY) to look at colours, looked online at inspiration (Pintrest was my friend), found the PERFECT merchandise lady for us (We love you Mary!) and then we sat down and designed some more.

The initial plans didnt work, there was too many CMD and CMDance - it literally hurt your head. So back to the literal drawing board we went. But we got there in the end.

When it got to describing colours, wow Mary really does deserve a trophy for putting up with me, describing fluorescent baby pink and knowing what that person means really is a skill! And also why she is so wonderful!

And with that our pink, black and white collection was created! Not only tshirts and our brand new hoodies, but also leggings, crop tops, and new bags! I was over the moon!

CMD CMDance Academy Dance school classes Uddingston leggings crop top tshirt pink baby pink bright
Our pink, black and white collection, including leggings and crop tops!

CMD CMDance Academy hoodie pink babypink dance school Uddingston
CMDance Academy first ever hoodie! In our new pink, black and white collection!

Then... I decided... do you know what? One collection isn't enough! *insert emoji of little monkey with his head in his hands* Over the summer I had designed more than just the pink collection, and for some reason I just knew we had to release this second collection too. Once again, Mary saved the day. Helping me with my designs, what would work and what wouldn't. And with some awesome teamwork, and I imagine copious amounts of tea at our laptops our blue and black collection was created and ready for our launch!

CMD CMDance Academy blue black bag leggings zipper tshirt Uddingston dance school classes
Our blue and black collection!

I wish I had filmed the teachers faces when they saw it! They LOVE the new collections, it was a fight over who got which colours ha!

CMD CMDance Academy Uddingston dance classes merchandise bags tshirt leggings bag
Our blue and black collection!

I know I say this all the time, but the biggest selling point for me, was the fact the tshirts are non iron! Yay! No longer will I be plagued with my creased tshirt on a Saturday morning ha!

CMD CMDance Academy Uddingston Glasgow tshirts pink black white blue merchandise
Here we are in our non-iron tshirts! Yay!

We are loving wearing our new merchandise and are excited to debut it at our upcoming events: Bothwell Scarecrow Festival and Uddingston's Christmas Fayre. Our hoodies and zippers are so snuggly warm so they are perfect!

CMD CMDance Academy dance classes school Uddingston Glasgow zipper hoodie merchandise
Our warm and cosy hoodie and zippers!

We hope you have enjoyed seeing our new merchandise, it was an absolute delight to design and an even bigger pleasure to wear! We have order forms every week at classes if anyone would like to order, ALSO, we do gift vouchers, perfect for Birthday and Christmas gifts!

We cant wait to see everyone in a sea of pink, black, white and blue! Now the question remains...

CMD CMDance Academy Uddingston Glasgow Merchandise Hoodie Zipper leggings crop tops tshirts bags merchandise pink blue black white
What collection is your favourite?!

CMD Academy CMDance merchandise leggings crop tops tshirts zipper hoodie bag Uddingston Glasgow Dance classes school
Whats your favourite collection?

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