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Performance daft our lot!

Even though it is the middle of the summer holidays some of our awesome CMDer's still made it out to perform with us at Uddingston Pride's Uddingston Open Day.

Uddingston Pride asked us along and we jumped at the chance, we love to be involved in our local community and strive to give our pupils as many performance opportunities as possible.

CMDance Academy Uddingston Dance Classes ballet tap jazz cheerleading hiphop
We had to decide on our tracks, get the music sorted and hope that we would all remember the dances! Teachers included lol!

Now, this was no easy task! We were all very much on our dance summer holidays and our brains were not necessarily on board with remembering our dances, but I think it is safe to say we nailed it!

CMDance Academy Uddingston Dance Classes Ballet Tap Jazz Cheerleading Hiphop Preschool Nursery
Here I was enjoying a cup of tea this morning before heading off for our performance.

Not only did we performance some of our show dances from June, we also had some audience participation! Where we invited some non CMDer's in the crowd to come and join us, this was so much fun. It was lovely to see everyone at our performance joining in and having fun.

Myself and the other teachers all agreed it was so lovely to see our pupils during the holidays and we are now more excited than ever to get back to classes!

We return to CMDance Academy on Saturday the 18th of August and the exciting news is that we are accepting new pupils! Our website has all the details and you can contact us through the 'contact us' section on our website or even just pop along!

CMDance Academy Uddingston Dance Classes Ballet Tap Jazz Cheerleading Hiphop Streetdance preschool nursery
Some of our CMDancers at Uddingston Pride's Uddingston Open Day

Thank you so much to everyone who came along, it means the world to us and our dancers!

We will see you all on the 18th of August! Cant wait!

Signing off for just now,

Miss Carol x

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