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CMD's secret recipe

When CMD began we knew we wanted to have a dance school with a difference. We wanted to be more than your ordinary dance school.

CMD stretch class flexibility dance dancing school Uddingston CMDance Academy CMD CMDance
Time for a little stretch in our stretch class

We wanted our classes to provide awesome training for our students but we also wanted to focus on friendships and confidence building. We wanted students to have structured, differentiated and challenging lessons but we also wanted our students to have fun and develop a love of dance.

dance class uddingston pre school nursery ballet dancing
CMDance Academy nursery class

We achieve this in many ways, from our amazing teachers and assistants, to our in-house staff training and simply, with us wanting to share our love for dancing.

There isn't really a secret sauce or mysterious family recipe, its just us wanting to show as many students as we can that anyone can dance.

Cmdance Academy dance school uddingston dancing ballet tap jazz cheerleading hiphip stage show
The big CMD finale

Our classes reopen on Saturday 18th August 2018, and we want to invite as many students as possible to walk in, and dance out. Please check out our 'contact us' section of our website if you would like to enrol a new pupil.

Signing off for today,

Carol x

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